Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Udooneo trasparent


connecting a few leds :)
Check the polarity of the components !!!!!


Arduino arrayArduino
This code declares a few leds, and puts them in an array. Afterwards it lights on and off the different leds.
int timer = 1000;        
int ledPins[] = { 
   5,6,7,8, 9, 10,11, 12 };       // an array of pin numbers to which LEDs are attached
int pinCount = 8;           // the number of pins (i.e. the length of the array)

void setup() {
  // the array elements are numbered from 0 to (pinCount - 1).
  // use a for loop to initialize each pin as an output:
  for (int thisPin = 0; thisPin < pinCount; thisPin++)  {
    pinMode(ledPins[thisPin], OUTPUT);      

void loop() {
  // loop from the lowest pin to the highest:
  for (int thisPin = 0; thisPin < pinCount; thisPin++) { 
    digitalWrite(ledPins[thisPin], HIGH);   
    digitalWrite(ledPins[thisPin], LOW);    


  // loop from the highest pin to the lowest:
  for (int thisPin = pinCount - 1; thisPin >= 0; thisPin--) { 
    digitalWrite(ledPins[thisPin], HIGH);
    digitalWrite(ledPins[thisPin], LOW);



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