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A Smart T-shirt designed for athlete and bikers.

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  • SFAC 7 months ago

    Yes, for the start we are here and we want to make it better. Ideas is the luxury we have but since we are students we are short of money. We have Ideas to give a feedback so the system can make the correction of posture for athletes. And that is not end of it we have lot of ideas and now you just added one more idea we would love to add that feature.

  • SFAC 7 months ago

    Sorry I should have written that instead of our story... Well... The T-shirt posts the bio data like heart pulse and body Temperature to thingspeak and not just that it also posts the exact posture of the person (unlike smartwatches). We are working on gesture pad made of conductive threads to bring interactivity with devices we use like Smart Phone etc.

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